Monday, January 10, 2011

How important are looks to you?

Look at the image above. If you see both of these girls who would you ask on a date? If I were a guy, I would choose Mrs Bean because she looks enthusiastic and full of energy [maybe too much energy]:D. But I am not a guy, and any normal guy who has a normal stable functioning brain would without a doubt go for Jessica Simpson. It's common sense !.

It's only natural for us to want to date a good looking girl or guy. But to what extent are our looks important? Some people do not care whether its your first date or not, they expect you to look hot at all times [extremists]. Others understand that we're only human, not perfectionists, and expect you to be normal looking and dress appropriate for the occasion. Others focus on personality, and do not care as much about looks however your looks will most likely play a role [even if it plays a small role] in your attraction and first image.

Here are some tips for girls and guys to follow to look their personal best:
- First please shower everyone! Cleanliness is very important and will improve your skin and brighten it up. You can use cleansers, moisturisers, exfoliaters and body lotions.

- Don't go hairy! Extra hair should be removed whether itis on the face, arms or legs. This goes to guys too, I am not saying to look like a girl, but at least do not appear by the door looking like a gorilla. lol

- Next up, brush your teeth before going on the date; bad breath and yellow teeth is a turn off for both sexes.

- Girls should either blow dry, straighten, or curl their hair. No major hair styles should be done ,its only a first date, your hair should look natural and simple. As for guys, simple hair gel should do the trick.

- Believe it or not a great perfume scent can form a great first image. You would not want your date to be disgusted from you and this will automatically cause your date to form a conclusion that you are unhygienic.

- Always plan what you will wear. Don't leave it till the last minute, to avoid stress. Trust me if you plan what you will wear, you will take less time to get ready, and will have time to think of new ideas or make improvements.

Advice on what to wear has been mentioned previously in this blog but our aim with the above basic tips is to help improve your image.

Good luck in looking great for your date ;)

Saturday, January 8, 2011

Bad dating stories.....

Think you had a bad date? Read some of these dating disaster stories....

My best friend’s neighbour set me up with his friend whom was really hot. He was a year older than me, I was 18 at the time. He took me out one night and we were eating and having a great time but then his ex girlfriend Cindy (out of all people) just “happened” to come into the restaurant with her friend.
She saw my date and was like “Hi, John” and she sat down at our table and told the waitress that we had all planned to sit together. John was talking to her and discussing all of the good times they had. Cindy then got up with her friend and asked my date if he wanted to go to the movies wilth them, he said sure, then he said see ya to me, and walked off with them and left me by myself. IT WAS THE WORST DATE EVER !
:( ~ Anonymous

This guy once took me to Starbucks for a first date and said that when he and his father go to Starbucks together they get a large coffee and ask for an extra cup so they could split it,and did I mind if we did that,too ?? ~Anonymous

What is the worst date you have been on ?!?

Should there be a kiss on a first date ??

Friday, January 7, 2011

Is a blind-date a good idea?

We all know that there is a time in your life where your friends have the 'perfect match' for you. But really, can this honestly be true?. Meeting a stranger that may be the one.

So would you consider a blind-date a good idea? Can you really take the risk and the belief that your friends know the characteristics that you're looking for.

In today's society, the blind-date is seen as a creative social idea to meet new people. The date can be a great success and could lead to a long-term relationship.

But, the identity of a person is an issue. Can we trust who they are or talk about your own personal issues to them. We don't know anything about them or their past relationships or past life in general. How open are you to share personal information about your life???

So.... Do you consider a blind-date a good idea?

Sunday, January 2, 2011

First date song

I don't know what to say or how to act!!! AWKWARD

Ok just because it is a first date does not mean you need to go with the typical lunch date, because it can be awkward sitting face to face with someone you don't know well and trying to make conversation. That awkwardness can make you feel like this will not work out.

It's always good to ask questions about them [just general questions to get to know each other] to break that awkwardness even if you are not interested in the conversation, ask questions so they can be more comfortable to talk about themselves and so they know you are interested in them. But beware of getting too personal just ask general questions. Avoid talking about ex girlfriends or boyfriends and avoid making comparisons.

Be honest but not too honest. You don't need to talk about family problems and at the same time you do not need to lie about your intentions. If you are on this date for fun, you should make that clear and the same goes for people who are more serious.

Getting to know each other should be best done in an area you both choose, and this area should be based on your comfort.

Bottom line is there is always something to talk about, no need to be nervous and blank out.

Just be yourself !